The Values of X

The Values of X

Focus on Communities | September 2022

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What has been polarizing GenXers in the last few years? What macro-communities can the market address?

The global events of the last two years have brought to light some needs and attitudes in a generation crushed between two well-defined and heavily marketed-to generations on either side. 

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • “The Conscious Optimists and “The Indulgent Experimenters”: these are the two communities representing GenX.
  • Well-aging vs anti-aging: the new dichotomy for mature beauty lovers
  • The notion of “self-improvement” is persisting, with continuous interest in staying up-to-date and and reskilling.
  • Sexual wellness has become a top concern among Gen Xers
  • The main traits of two different, discreet communities representing the forgotten-yet-powerful Generation X

  • Insights to action brands should follow to identify how and where to interact with them
  • Trends, Data, and Insights on what tomorrow’s Gen Xers will want
  • Innovative Brand and Business Cases
  • 47 pages

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