A unique approach to meet your challenges

We combine Market Research Methods and AI-driven Big Data Analysis to give you a future-oriented view of the market.

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Traditional methods only analyse

Traditional methods only analyse what’s on the surface

Trend Forecasting, Market Research and Social Media Listening are static, time consuming and tethered to the present.

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Nextatlas metodology goes deeper

We enrich traditional methods with our unique approach, allowing you to deeply understand market trends and values faster to make future oriented decisions.

Advanced AI in our DNA

With our proprietary AI, we give you dynamic and updated data on measurable phenomena.

Weak signals and outliers you can’t see

Unmatched agility in tracking trends from their Weak Signals thanks to our always-on AI.

Early Adopter hunting & analysis

Early Adopter data keeps our forecasts ahead of the curve and poignant to strategic decisions.

What we are not

traditional Methods

Traditional Trend Forecasting

Is static, gives qualitative results, and is bounded by expert analysis

Market Research

Is expensive, time consuming, and only provides hypothesis validation

Social Media Listening

Is focused on today, gives tactical insights, and analyses maintream data

Other AI driven forecast

Is broad, lacks focus, and ignores the real sources of consumer innovation


Is always updating, provides measurable phenomena, and uses AI to blend quantitative and qualitative approaches

Is cost and time-efficient, intuitive, and adapts to everything from unbiased discovery to validation

Is future-facing and foresights “weak signals” to inform actionable strategies ahead of the curve

Is targeted, specific, and leverages the insight of only the most innovative and forward-thinking consumers

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