Discovering the Meta-Shopper

Discovering the Meta-Shopper

Metaverse Webinar | March 2022

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Want to know how to connect with tomorrow’s consumers?

The pandemic heavily impacted the way people shop; meanwhile, the “metaverse” is promising to rewrite the rules of consumer engagement. In the years to come, brands will be addressing the next evolution of shoppers - the “meta-shoppers.”

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • The proliferation of virtual ecosystems, deepening environmental concerns, the pandemic crisis, are rewriting the rules of Retail.
  • Shoppers are opting more than ever for convenience and immediacy
  • The metaverse offers brands unique avenues explore modern retail and engagement strategies
  • Portraits of today’s and tomorrow’s shopper : The Web 2.0 Shopper and The Meta-shopper
  • 7 Macrotrends on what today’s and tomorrow’s shoppers want
  • Significant key data (timelines, targets, emerging keywords ...) from the analysis of each trend
  • Insights to Action with applications across industries to help brands understand how to meet tomorrow’s consumers
  • 16+ Innovative Business Cases
  • 50 pages

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