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Our one-of-a-kind trend prediction tool spots weak signals from innovative consumers to reveal future trends before they hit the market

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Do what you can’t do with any other platform

Foresight with certainty

Trust in 300k+ innovators to show you what’s next with startling accuracy

Faster and deeper audience insights

Stay agile and proactive with advanced always-on AI.

Uncover anomalies

Root out the weak signals of major market shifts before anyone else

See trends through your lenses. Get tailored actions!

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Prepare for

Prepare for what’s next

Get a top-to-bottom understanding of the forces shaping the market, from the individual phenomena making noise with consumers to the macrotrends shaping the cultural landscape of today and tomorrow.

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Data for unbounded imagination

Track the evolution of trends, resolve multiple data streams into synthetic insights, and dive into nuanced datapoints (timelines, consumer targets, industry focuses, relevant tags, moodboards, etc). Our continuously monitored data set provides direction to jump on the right trends for your audience at the right time

We turn questions into tangible solutions

How can we get a versatile tool, suitable for different teams, in order to improve marketing and creative strategies?

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