Gen Z: Catch it if you can

Gen Z: Catch it if you can

Nextatlas Target Focus | June 2022

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How is Gen Z’s attention splitting across vast Entertainment choices?

GenZers are consuming more digital media and entertainment than before and recent events are accelerating some of their behaviors and attitudes around social media, video content, and gaming experiences.

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • Gen Z's 'nowstalgia' is impacting the aesthetics of everything, from social media to music and TV series.
  • Metaverses environments are not the only burgeoning opportunity in social gaming.
  • New educational professionals are tackling the media mistrust crisis with new “journalism" and informative concepts on social media.
  • Social media has become the main tool of community engagement, especially among the different fanbases in the music industry.
  • Gen Z Key Values and perception of entertainment seen through the Nextatlas telescope
  • 5 Macrotrends focused on the evolving relationship between Gen Z and the entertainment sector
  • Significant key data (timelines, targets, emerging keywords ...) from the analysis of each trend
  • Innovative Brand and Business Cases
  • 35 pages

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