Trend Prediction Fueled by Early Adopters + Unique AI

We combine the capabilities of big data analysis with expert interpretation to translate emerging consumer behaviours into reliable market research and trend foresight.

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From early adopters

From early adopters to foresight

Discover how we go from identifying our observation pool to confident trend prediction with reliable accuracy

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Nextatlas crawls through millions of social web posts from Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. related to trend/style/innovation in order to discover potential new industry-specific early adopters.

Evaluate & Filter

Users connected to certified early adopters are added to the potential source pool and filtered (removing spam and sponsor heavy posts, excessive follower counts, etc) to ensure relevance, quality, and authenticity.

Data analysis

Content published by profiles in the source pool are collected and analyzed by the Nextatlas AI to extract data relevant to industry & consumer trends.

Act & Foresight

We translate weak signals in consumer conversation to predict emerging trends and actionable insights that help you find the next big thing.

Our AI in numbers


Accuracy of prediction


Early Adopters


Tracked tags


New post / week

3 years

of historic data

What are the Benefits of the approach?

Deep Learning

Bring insight to data interpretation with unique cognitive frameworks and text analysis

Early Adopter Selection

Identify the first movers across channels to find trailblazing voices

Shift Detection

Anticipate of big market shifts through weak signal spotting

Forecasting At Scale

Validate and categorize phenomena for resonant trend analysis

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AI-driven Trend Reseach Platform

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Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

Custom focused analysis and solutions

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We are committed to Privacy

We only use publicly accessible social media content and do not use or sell private personal data in any of our analysis. All data collection and analysis is done in accordance with GDPR standards and best practices.

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