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Our story

In 2012, two Italian brothers Luca and Alessio Morena - a PhD philosopher and a serial entepreneur - founded Nextatlas in Turin, Italy. Since then, the company has been a leader in the global market of digitally empowered marketing intelligence and trend anticipation services by developing the world’s first independent AI-driven trend forecasting platform.

As a trailblazer in the use of artificial intelligence for predictive trend detection and monitoring, Nextatlas is committed to bringing a fully-fledged scientific approach to a traditionally opinion-led industry.


The company is founded by two brothers, Alessio and Luca Morena and backed by Indaco VC.

The first iCoolhunt app - trend-spotting as gamified photosharing - experiments with a revolutionary new methodology.

Expanding into the world of Big Data and AI, the first iteration of the Nextatlas platform is launched.

A new round of funding brings the development & launch of Customized Platforms: Nextventures, Nextmenu, Nexaudience, Nextstyles.

The Nextatlas team grows to 20 employees, including 5 PhDs in Physics & Machine Learning.

New prediction models, integration of Reddit and Spotify into Nextatlas analyzed sources... and lots of Zoom calls.

First API integration of Nextatlas Data in external softwares and applications.

We launch Generate, the world's first generative AI trend forecasting service based on Nextatlas data from our engine.









What’s in a name

The Nextatlas name was born from the desire to create not only an Atlas for the Future, but also the Next evolution of a cultural Atlas - a living, breathing map that dynamically charts the sociocultural changes shaping the market with the power of AI and data analysis.

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