Who are the design lovers?

Who are the design lovers?

Target Focus - Special Edition!


A complete profile of Nextatlas Design Lovers for Brera Design Days: gender, demographic, interests, favorite design festivals and the macro-topics emerging from their data stream on social media.

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • The Immersive Experience Economy
  • Craftsmanship Reloaded
  • Revamping Midcentury Modernism
  • Beyond Eco-friendly Design
  • The Age of Techlash
  • Designed Therapy
  • 6 + curated trends pertaining to the emerging macro-themes that have gained traction and point to specific consumer attitudes and expectation
  • Significant key insights and facts from the analysis of each trend
  • Data, timelines, moodboards, graphs and charts pertaining to target analysis, cross-industry relevance geographic localization
  • 7 + Examples of innovative brand ideas addressing the topics identified

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