Keep the virus outside

Keep the virus outside

Nextatlas & Cilab | Joint Webinar


Design Trends and Opportunities to offer and promote Covid-free experiences and solutions to your customers .

An in-depth analysis of macro trends, data, case studies, and insights to lead brands in their future strategies.

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • People start to face this crisis through finding their own approaches and rules to stay safe.
  • There is a growing interest in technologically enhanced solutions that are proven to eliminate any biological threats at a microscopic level.
  • Touch-free devices benefit not only people who are afraid of germs, but also those with disabilities, injuries, or busy hands (i.e. holding books, groceries, children).
  • Prolonged safety concerns and uncertainties have contributed to a consistent rise in anxiety, stress, and mental health struggles.
  • A synthesis of the phenomena defining how the collective sense of safety is changing
  • Macrotrends, Best Practices, and Brand Cases forecasting the way people will live in their public and private environments
  • Significant key data from the analysis of each trend
  • Design Opportunities to guide brands forward
  • How the New Normal and emerging needs will impact homes and a host of other spaces

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