The Z factor

The Z factor

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What Emerging Macrotrends can offer Brands a Way In with Gen Z?

Driven by an accelerated urgency, Gen Z's priorities and expectations of the brands in their lives are undergoing a dynamic progression. For brands aiming to connect with young, passionate consumers, these new values will have a tremendous effect on the market for years to come.

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • The Passion Economy trend presents a new way to capitalise on creativity by connecting creators who share their passions through their genuine and engaged communities. 
  • In order to reduce food waste, eco-conscious consumers and brands are experimenting with repurposing leftovers by using usually discarded scraps to create innovative snacks, cocktails or dishes.
  • Brands narratives need to convey values such as Authenticity, Transparency, and Coherence.
  • The increasing popularity of hands-off sensory experiences, such as AR/VR and Live shopping through social media, enable GenZers to shop&share either on the go or from the comfort of their bedroom.
  • A synthesis of the phenomena defining Gen Z's current position
  • Four Macrotrends (plus Key Insights and Predictions) forecasting the way younger generations will consume, eat, look, and express themselves
  • Significant key data from the analysis of each trend
  • Key Insights to action underlying the past, present, and future of Gen Z's rapidly evolving values, behaviors, and concerns
  • 48 pages

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