Beauty & Cosmetics

Beauty & Cosmetics

Fourth Quarter 2020 Report


The recent public health crisis fueled some of the ongoing and emerging trends at the intersection between Health & Wellness and Beauty & Cosmetics: makeup and skincare routines used for mental health improvement, increased interest in sanitizing products, and demand for health-focused supplements — especially for immune boosters.

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • Jelly-textured skincare is the all-time favorite for hydrating routines
  • Interest in hair loss has surged, as it is also discussed as a potential post-COVID side effect
  • Acne in adult women are popping up, especially associated with stress, pollution and hormonal shifts
  • 3 curated trends pertaining to the Beauty & Cosmetics industry that have gained traction and point to specific consumer attitudes and expectation.
  • Significant key insights from the analysis of each trend
  • Data, timelines, graphs and charts pertaining to target analysis, cross-industry relevance geographic localization
  • Insights and AI-generated Facts on Beauty & Cosmetics to look out for
  • 6 Examples of innovative brand ideas addressing the topics identified

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