Moving beyond Sustainability

Moving beyond Sustainability

Sustainability Webinar | September 2021

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Are you looking for ways to match consumers’ growing sustainability expectations?

With sustainability's importance in today's marketplace, it’s crucial to inject ecological considerations into every step of the project development process and identify the sustainable macro and micro trends that implicate every single link in the value chain, from R&D to Design to Marketing to Aftercare.

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • For a more climate-positive and fair future, tech-driven, innovative solutions and the planet's wellbeing should be prioritized over profit.
  • More intuitive and straightforward usage of products manifests IRL, while over-the-top and cluttered features are left for the virtual world.
  • The more transparency becomes a condition sine qua non and approaches ubiquity and uniformity in business strategy.
  • The act of purchase is not the final goal anymore, it rather is a starting point of a long-term relationship based on extended care and services with a loyal and long-lasting customer base.
  • The Sustainability Dictionary seen through Nextatlas lenses.
  • 4 Macro Trends and 16 emerging Micro Trends that explain how to leverage Sustainability across the Value chain
  • Significant key data (timelines, targets, emerging keywords ...) from the analysis of each trend
  • Insights to Action with applications across industries to help brands understand where sustainability is headed.
  • +30 Innovative Business Cases
  • 65 pages

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