Taking the first steps into the outdoors

Taking the first steps into the outdoors

Nextatlas Webinar | Special Edition!


What 3 Macrotrends are driving the Outdoor industry into the future?

Looking forward, the outdoor recreation sector seems to be on the precipice of lasting changes. There is an unprecedented level of diversity in the motivations drawing people out into nature. In the midst of this dynamic evolution, a number of innovative solutions are blazing the way for the future of the industry.

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • The luxury sector has been tackling more and more outdoors and the natural landscapes.
  • Exploring the nature and non urban spaces has especially become a meaningful form of escapism throughout quarantine.
  • Beginners and winter sports aficionados are looking for alternative ways to recreate their favorite activities and hobbies while staying physically distanced.
  • Sustainability is now at the core of consumers' demand, pushing the gear, accessories and apparel manufactures .
  • The Pandemic Effects on the Outdoors
  • Three Macrotrends, more then 15 Microtrends, Key Insights and Predictions driving the sector
  • Significant key data (timelines, targets involved, keywords...) from the analysis of each trend
  • Suggestions on how brands should act now

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