Food Chaos

Food Chaos

Food & Beverage Trends | March 2023

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Amidst the chaos of a pandemic-ridden world, a new era of dining has emerged. Consumers are breaking free from conventional food and beverage consumption habits and seeking out thrilling culinary experiences that offer the perfect blend of flavor and fun. Meanwhile, a newfound focus on sustainability and the impact of food on mental health is transforming the way we approach our meals. 

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • Using mashups as a means for brands to experiment, collaborate, and show consumers their more creative, playful side.
  • Developing a more sustainable and enjoyable approach to food consumption that supports their overall health and wellness goals.
  • Helping home cooks save money by providing more budget-friendly product choices as well as educational content focused on teaching cost-saving hacks.
  • 3 booming food attitudes and trends in uncertain times
  • New consumer behaviors, interests, expectations, and needs
  • Trends and data for the food & beverage industry's future
  • Actionable insights for food brands, including product to packaging, communication to activations
  • Innovative Brand and Business Cases
  • 46 pages

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