Feeding the brain

Feeding the brain

Food&Beverage Focus | May 2022

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How is the Food & Beverage sector driving the push for Cognitive Control?

As people key in on their mental wellbeing, finding ways to augment, support, and be conscious of our cognitive function has emerged as a top priority. In turn, health conscious consumers have been turning to the Food & Beverage sector for engaging and effective means of optimizing their minds.

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • Boosting mood and mental health is the latest product development goal in the snack food and beverage sectors
  • Aside from proper neural function and recovery, there is a growing interest in brain plasticity and enhancement
  • Creators are increasingly finding ways to engage with and share food culture, cooking, and eating as a path to virality
  • Evolutions in Food Culture: Tag Cloud and related Insights
  • 3 Macrotrends focused on Food and Mental Function
  • Significant key data (timelines, targets, emerging keywords ...) from the analysis of each trend
  • Insights to Action with applications across industries to help brands find avenues to burrow into consumers’ brain chemistry.
  • Successful Business Cases focused on mental function, health and cognitive performace
  • 35 pages

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