Nextatlas + Corriere Della Sera | L'Economia del Futuro


Nextatlas partnered with Corriere Della Sera for the L’Economia del Futuro event.

Thanks to our AI, we were able to map today’s interconnected global crises that mark the current “Polycrisis” and provide data, insights, and trends on the new consumption behaviours and priorities

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • Recipes with fewer ingredients are the winning formula in the new era of budget-conscious consumption
  • Eco-anxiety – the chronic fear of environmental doom – is a growing mental health concern
  • As the cost of living continues to accelerate, consumers are turning en masse to budget friendly options
  • Implementing decisions that positively influence the long-term future as part of a strategic agenda, without losing sight of immediate needs
  • A map of today’s interconnected global crises that mark the current “Polycrisis”
  • Trends, data, and insights on the new consumers behaviours and priorities
  • Emerging trends and business cases on how Brands are tackling the global "Polycrisis"
  • 23 pages

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