Beauty & Cosmetics

Beauty & Cosmetics

Second Quarter 2021 | Trend Report


Driven by an invigorated pursuit of aethetic expression, notions of personality, authenticity, and experimentation are manifesting in the beauty industry. Even more, as more and more facets of youth lifestyles go online, those same paradigms are extending beauty into virtual ecosystems.

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • In search of a way to visually express every aspect of their personality, young beauty enthusiasts turn to bolder styles
  • As gaming and beauty collide, virtual avatars present a new canvas for the Beauty & Cosmetics industry
  • Experimental beauty finds a new frontier in virtual spaces that can push the boundaries of imagination and accessibility
  • 3 cultural drivers & curated trends pertaining to the Beauty & Cosmetics sector that have gained traction and point to specific consumer attitudes and expectations.
  • Significant key insights from the analysis of each trend
  • Data, timelines, graphs, and charts pertaining to target analysis, cross-industry relevance, and geographic localization
  • 8 Examples of innovative case studies and brand ideas addressing the topics identified
  • 18 pages

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