Trend confirmations & predictions for 2021

Trend confirmations & predictions for 2021

Future In Sight | Annual Report


Hindsight is 2020. In our annual report we move across a range of industries to take a retrospective look at the growth of a few of our past trend predictions that have really come to fruition this year and also provide a roadmap for the trends poised to take off as we move into the new year.

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • The beauty & cosmetics industry is widening its scope to the entirety of the gender spectrum and morphing into a vehicle for playful stress relief & emboldened self-expression.
  • Conscientious consumers are extending their concerns about sustainability in the food & beverage industry from production and sourcing to consumption and upcycling.
  • At the crux of retail's evolution will be the industry's commitment to adapting business models and strategies around environmental responsibility.
  • From mental wellbeing to cognitive function, our brains are taking center stage at the intersection of technological advancement and personal health concerns.
  • 8 key trends across 4 industries that map the past, present, and future of consumers & the market
  • Critical Insights to Action for each industry cluster
  • Significant consumer insights, data, and metrics from the analysis of each trend

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