Untangling the future n° 2

Untangling the future n° 2

COVID-19 | Special Edition


Adjusting to being alone.

As we cope with social distancing and reclusion, some of the phenomena related to these trends manifest themselves in more significant ways inside our own households. Our homes, which may have once been a place for rest, are now set to become our shelters and wellness sanctuaries. 

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • We are trying to adapt to the restrictive life of quarantine, which basically means alternating between online activities and domestic occupations.
  • Some shifts in behaviors and preferences are temporary, but other changes may reshape consumers’ lifestyles permanently.
  • People are looking for ways to stay physically and mentally healthy amid the current anxiety-ridden scenario.
  • 8 Microtrends boosted by the Crisis
  • Focus on the multifaceted Macrotrend "Wellness comes home"
  • Significant key insights and data from the analysis of each trend

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