Tech & Lifestyle

Tech & Lifestyle

First Quarter 2019 Report


If we just stop and think for a second to the changes we have witnesses in the last 30 years, and how they have affected in reality the whole world (for better or worse), we do have to also consider another topical point, that we, as human beings and as societies did not have the time to adapt accordingly.

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • “Anti-Frictionless Design” To combat misinformation and tech addiction, tech companies are implementing intentional “friction” into the user experience.
  • “Multigenerational Banking Financial brands are creating millennial-friendly products that focus on social responsibility and sustainability.
  • 3 curated trends pertaining to the Technology and Lifestyle industry that have gained traction and point to specific consumer attitudes and expectation.
  • Significant key insights from the analysis of each trend
  • Data, timelines, graphs and charts pertaining to target analysis, cross-industry relevance geographic localization
  • 4 relevant micro-influencers whose interests revolve around the defining traits emerged from data and exemplify relevantly related lifestyles
  • 5 + Examples of innovative brand ideas addressing the topics identified

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