The generative power of Communities

The generative power of Communities

Nextatlas + Bain & Company | Digital (R)Evolution Awards


Nextatlas partnered with Bain & Company for the DIGITAL (R)EVOLUTION AWARDS event.

Through our data, insights, and communities, we contributed to the discussion on the Post-digital Era: from the Metaverse and the future of creativity to multichannel potentials, from the power of communities to the new facets of sustainability... and more.

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • Digital twins concept has been adopted more and more — from manufacturing improvement to realistic Metaverse
  • Creator Economy is reaching levels never seen before and growing exponentially
  • Social tokens have been gaining traction in creator ecosystems, especially among artists
  • Implementing decisions that positively influence the long-term future as part of a strategic agenda, without losing sight of immediate needs
  • Predictions about the evolution of 4 specific communities.
  • Trends, Data, and Insights about the Post-digital Era
  • 43 pages

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