Resetting the fashion world

Resetting the fashion world

Fashion Focus


In a time of reframing, people are striving to reimagine their relationships with fashion and demand more from the industry. Ecological consciousness and personal wellness & celebration are beginning to substantially weave their way into consumer outlooks on fashion, at large.

  • Key Insights

  • What’s inside

  • Waste-conscious products and production methods are gaining traction among ecologically focused consumers
  • Younger generations are prioritizing comfort and low-stress styles in a search for fashion that feels good
  • Hyper-detailed & maximalist patterns are permeating throughout the fashion industry
  • 3 curated trends pertaining to the Fashion industry that have gained traction and point to specific consumer attitudes and expectation
  • Significant key insights and innovative business cases from the analysis of each trend
  • Data, timelines, graphs and charts pertaining to target analysis, cross-industry relevance, and geographic localization

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