Bespoke solutions to provide insightful direction

We find the right data, uncover relevant trends, and identify powerful insights that give you strategically compelling answers.

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Our AI & Human Expertise help you to

  • Understand
  • Scout
  • Build
  • Develop
  • Devise
  • Reach

How we meet your Challenges

We can quickly redirect our AI and expertise to solve your specific business challenges and uncover promising business opportunities.

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Customized pool of observation

Build vertical communities of early adopters that are uniquely relevant to you, focusing on specific geographies and related to specific products, industries, values, or interests.

In depth analysis

Extract a selection of products, potential tribes, behaviours, places, related trends, etc. and discover multiple lenses through which view the data through a blend of qualitative and AI-driven methodology

What we Deliver

Tailored front-end solutions and self service platform

Customised Engines that provide an ongoing, in-depth study of a requested research area to solve specific business challenges.


Integration of Nextatlas data and Services via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help brands in accelerating their internal software innovation.

Bespoke strategic reports

Highly curated reports based on a client’s brief providing strategic recommendations and support to clients in their Product, Marketing & Communication processes.

We turn questions into tangible solutions

What will be the ingredients and flavors of our next snack?

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