16th Apr 2024, 11:00 am EDT

Future Foodscapes: Barilla & Nextatlas insights

How cutting edge forecasting technology drives innovation for a global food brand


Meet our Experts

Alessandra Cervi
Alessandra Cervi

Alessandra Cervi

Digital Insights & Marketing Performances Global Lead at Barilla Group

Erich Giordano
Erich Giordano

Erich Giordano

Head of Business Development at Nextatlas

Inside Barilla's Nextatlas Journey

Join our chat to get the insider scoop on Nextatlas and Barilla’s collaboration that inspires innovation. During this conversation, we'll deep dive into how Nextatlas' insights and data are utilized at Barilla's digital research centre known as The Observatory. A unmissable conversation with the iconic Italian company renowned in the international food industry.

What Will We Discuss?

  • The Observatory's Organization: understand the structure and goals of The Observatory, including its organization and role within Barilla
  • Internal Users: identify the internal stakeholders and users of the insights produced by The Observatory
  • Insights Generated: learn about the type of research The Observatory relies on to uncover insights and how they are leveraged by the business.
  • Research Process: Discover how The Observatory uses Nextatlas to gather insights and provide actionable recommendations to the business.
  • Example Exploration: a real-world examples from research to insights and its application to a Barilla business case.