November 24th, 5pm CET | English Language

Confirmations &
Predictions for 2023

In this 30-minute live webinar, we unveiled consumer trends and behaviours that will shape 2023 and provided insights on how best to meet the future emerging needs.


Nextatlas Webinar | November 24th, 5pm CET

After an intense and disruptive year - consumers have gone through the aftermath of the pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, extensive supply chain issues and more - it’s once again that time: time to evaluate what has happened in 2022 and project into the new year that is fast approaching, illuminating its opportunities and its outlook.

Consumers have emerged from this challenging year changed – more urgent, more demanding and more insecure – and it’s crucial for brands to align their strategies with these shifts.

In our free webinar, “Confirmations & Predictions for 2023,” you will discover our newest bets for you: a collection of emerging trends that will dominate the future of different industries, markets, and consumer interests as well as our recommendations on how best to apply them in your strategies.

We Will Highlight:

  1. Consumer trends and behaviours that will define the year ahead

  2. Actionable Insights and data on how to act meaningfully on consumer expectations in 2023 and beyond

  3. How AI-enabled foresight and early detection of weak signals can help brands succeed in the future years

  4. and much more….

Meet our Experts

Elena Marinoni

Senior Trend Researcher

Erich Giordano - Speaker Webinar - Nextatlas

Erich Giordano

Head of Business Development

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