Food Chaos

Are you eager to tap into the hottest emerging Food & Beverage trends?
In this Report you can discover how to address the new and contrasting consumers’ desires in a world of growing uncertainty.


Nextatlas Webinar | March 16th, 2.30 pm CET

Welcome to the era of Food Chaos.

The global events of the last two years have brought to light important cultural shifts that are shaping consumers attitudes towards food and beverage. Craving for novelty and excitement, consumers are seeking for food experiences able to break the everyday monotony with unconventional viral recipes following the ‘more is more’ philosophy. However, when it comes to reducing anxiety, food not only gets more fun, but also becomes less restrictive. Indulgent products now speak the language of wellness, and foods marketed as healthy appear more enjoyable than ever before.

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In our free webinar, “Food Chaos” we’ll be looking at two very different attitudes towards food that are emerging among consumers.

Firstly, consumers' never-ending quest for excitement and novelty compels brands to constantly search for the latest "fun factor". Secondly, consumers' growing uncertainty related to budget, climate, and personal well-being means that brands will need to explore new and less restrictive strategies to establish a deeper connection that can ease consumers' anxiety.

We Will Highlight:

  1. Two booming food attitudes in uncertain times

  2. New consumer behaviors, interests, expectations, and needs

  3. Trends, data, and case studies for the food & beverage industry's future

  4. Actionable insights for food brands to connect with tomorrow's consumers

  5. Plus, so much more! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to stay informed and inspired.

Meet our Experts

Debora Bae - Speaker Webinar - Nextatlas

Debora Bae

Trend Researcher & Data Analyst

Erich Giordano - Speaker Webinar - Nextatlas

Erich Giordano

Head of Business Development

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